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13 Steps of Website Localization: improve tonality, products, basket, discounts and holidays

Monday, 03 May | 2021 |

Localization during expansion is and always will be an absolute necessity. Especially for those who want to succeed in the new market. Naturally, the website is the first thing to be thoroughly addressed when entering the new market – fine-tuned online content is the cornerstone of any e-commerce success. However, you may be surprised what is hidden under the online shop localization. We have prepared a complete list and a summary check-list for our newsletter subscribers.

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What is e-commerce localization and how to handle it correctly?

Thursday, 04 April | 2019 |

The world is becoming more and more connected year after year with more accessible and cheaper Internet connection, the popularity of online shopping is growing especially because of its convenience, unlimited opening hours and home delivery. However, the competition of online shops in the countries is growing significantly.

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